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Traditional Way or Transformation for Gift Industry

            All engaged in gift industry friends in recent years found a common problem, the traditional marketing model can't go on, online varied o2o, B2B, B2C.... a lot of, but which a suitable for gift industry, and suitable for their own company?

            Now is internet plus the integration of traditional industries, many company as Tengxun, Xiaomi taste some sweet now.  So, the traditional way is not to give up the transformation?

           Transformation of the company may be dead, but people's thinking to live. Without transformation, the company will slowly die, right, by the time to die!!

           First, the election of the person in charge, must understand the Internet

          Two, the purpose is clear, understand the risk

          Three, the ten objections to exist.

          Four, to appease the staff, the future will be

          Five, the goal is the future, who is the future?

          Young people are a generation of change of, 70, 80 and 90, environment of different consumption patterns and ideas changed, you should know they like what products, like how to play it. Every ten years, you have to pay attention to your company's personnel composition, fresh blood is not enough, the company will be eliminated.

         Now 90 became the most of the company's main, their consumption concept is not cheap, more fancy quality, OK and creative enough, not everyone in the play, can have these conditions, in young people with credit cards, prices actually is the second.

Previously added a logo is good, and now to fight design creativity! We are looking at in foreign world with the Internet, you do design with fool's attitude is not still? When you do the design in line with the young people's thinking, you can not let them focus on the promotion of.

         However, your gift to conquer a company of all young people, love to share, they will help you to promote oh. So a good creative + good promotion + good service is the gift industry transition compass benefited in every way.

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