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Brand Secrets


The strength of brands----the "brand" is from a seemingly insignificant identity sign, become an integral part of modern society a powerful force now.

Many of the world's top brands, in hundreds of years of historical accumulation in uphold the a belief in the eternal inheritance so far, hundred years tempered Sob, we need to think about, why in the total economy has leapt to second in the world of China, but the lack of these extraordinary "old name" figure?

Stick to a commercial belief at the same time, any one of a hundred years of brand and model of advancing with the times, through innovation to master brand is the fate of the sail against the current, is the inevitable result of.

The business model is an important force in the development of brand and found to meet the enterprise's own brand marketing model is the weapon for enterprises to win in the market. The brand is through marketing enable customers to form the cognitive process of corporate brand and product, the enterprise must to construct a high quality marketing idea.

Globalization has become a historical necessity, the flat planet through the survivability of the complex market and huge differences of culture test brand strategy of globalization. Enterprises not only have to use their resources and market, must also take advantage of foreign resources and markets, transnational business operation.

To expand the brand to provide growth space for brand value and profit, and this is a suffering from risk haunt. The set will explore how extending a brand so that it can not only seize the original market also can extend to the new field.

Brand in the development of risk and opportunity coexist crisis could originate from the internal factors of the brand, and may be caused by the external economic environment. How to deal with the crisis, a test of a brand crisis consciousness and the ability to survive, plays an important role in the long-term development of the brand.

In the process of brand building, mainly in the social, economic and legal system perfect and support, for brand was born and growth to create a fair competition environment. After the establishment of the brand, brand development stage also need external factors.

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